June 9, 2019

Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play at Twice Party XXV years (Cognac, F) on November, the 23rd.


Apr. 24, 2019

Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play at W-Fest (Waregem, B) from 15/08 to 18/08 (20 minutes every day). Acoustic performance in the VIP Zone.



Jan. 7, 2019

The 10th studio album of CD'AA Another Winter will be released on February, the 22nd, by Trisol.


Dec. 17, 2018

Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play in Le Bus Palladium, Paris (F) with an electric line-up on February, the 21st, 2019. More information on Le Bus Palladium website.


Oct. 3, 2018

Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play in Hardrincourt Church near Paris (France) with a music chamber orchestra line-up (viola, piano, cello, voices) on November, the 24th.


Jan. 21, 2018

Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play in Le Quasar, salle Paul Eluard, Cherbourg (F) with a music chamber orchestra line-up (viola, piano, cello, voices) on March, the 10th.

Sep. 1, 2017


Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play in Café Berlin (Madrid) on October, the 28th.

Feb. 26, 2017


Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play in Le Batofar (Paris) on May, the 13rd. More information on Facebook and Le Batofar website.

Nov 19, 2016

Meidosem Records released for the first time on vinyl a new edition of  Villers-Aux-Vents which was originally released on CD in 1994 (and re-released on CD in 2003).

May 29, 2016

Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play in Paris (F) on May th 29th with Jad Wio..

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March 25, 2014

Collection d’Arnell-Andrea will play in Leipzig (D) at the Wave Gotik Treffen (for the forth time), with an electric line-up, on June, the 8th.

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August 31, 2012

CD'AA will play in Théâtre Le Puits-Manu, Beaugency on October, the 27th.

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March 19, 2012

CD'AA will play in Salle Bernard Million, St-Jean de la Ruelle (suburb of Orlléans) on May, the 11th.

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February 17, 2012


CD'AA will play in Magasin 4 in Brussels on May, the 12th.

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February 10, 2011

sleeve Twice fanzine #44 includes a 3 pages interview (in French) of Jean-Christophe d'Arnell presenting Vernes-Monde. Get this fanzine on Twice website or by contacting Marchal Clement (marchalclement 

December 4, 2010

sleeve Prikosnovénie released on December the 6th the new album of CD'AA, Vernes-Monde in a Digisleeve and coming with a 16 pages booklet.

April 10, 2010

sleeve Prikosnovénie re-released Circes des Champs with a bonus track including 3 movies and 18 pictures.
This LP ends the re-editing of the Last Call discs.

September 27, 2008

sleeve Les Marronniers is re-released by Prikosnovénie! It includes a bonus track (live movie).
A limited edition of the concert in La Nuit des fées festival in 2007 is also available on Prikosnovénie web site: 500 copies only, Hurry up!

January 31, 2008

ruines et vanites sleeve For its 10th anniversary, Trinity (fanzine, webzine) released Ruines & Vanités, an international thematic sampler including an unreleased track of Collection d'Arnell-Andréa: Les sombres plis de l'âme - Trinity version.
Two releases are available:
- Standard release (400 copies)
- Limited numbered release (100 copies, including picture and ashes)
Ordering: Trinity website or write to:

December 4, 2007

Nuit des Fees box After the fest La Nuit des Fées (The Night of Fairies) organised in  medieval French town Clisson the 29th of September 2007, Prikosnovenie is releasing La Nuit des Fées box including 16 unreleased tracks with Collection d'Arnell-Andréa, Mediavolo, Cécile Corbel, Caprice, The Moon & the Nightspirit + Fairy Sessions recorded after the Festival with Pinknruby, Mediavolo, Corde Oblique, Ashram.

Go to Prikosnovenie web site and order it on behalf of CDAA: you wil get 1 euro off ! 

June 1, 2007

Twice fanzine #33 includes an interview (in French) of Jean-Christophe d'Arnell presenting the 11 paintings which inspired Exposition, eaux fortes et méandres. Get this fanzine on Twice website or by contacting Marchal Clement ( 

March 10, 2007

The new LP Exposition, eaux fortes et méandres is
released ! Go to Prikosnovenie web site to get it...

October 6, 2006

3 pictures taken at Dark Omen II festival this summer are in the "Galleries" section. Other concert pictures would arrive soon...

October 30, 2005

An interview of CD'AA is published on Elegy magazine n° 38 which came out few days ago. A free sampler CD comes together with the magazine including a exclusive remix track by CD'AA of Un refuge Lointain.

September 12, 2005

The new version of Au val des Roses is released by Prikosnovénie! It includes a remix track, a new track and 1 video.

February 4, 2005

Number 26 of Twice fanzine is just realeased with an interview of CD'AA among many other interesting articles. (leaflet)

December 1, 2004

5 short videos of Strasbourg concert are available in the Galleries thanks to Richter.

October 31, 2004

The new LP, The bower of despair will be released on November th 10th by Prikosnovénie.

October 2, 2004

Thanks to Noémie Ventura 2 new official press pictures of the band are available!

June 12, 2004

Twice fanzine just realeased a 8 tracks Compilation (10" picture disc) named Le Regard du Sourd for its 10 years birthday. The first track is a remix of La Tristesse des Mânes by Peter Elliot, Collection d'Arnell~Andréa sound engineer.
You can get this very nice picture disc for free if you subscribe for one year to Twice fanzine. For more information, please contact Marchal Clement ( Hurry up! There are only 300 copies!

September 20, 2004

The new LP of CD'AA will be released soon by Prikosnovénie, with a very dark title: "The bower of despair"!

June 11, 2004

Franz Torrès-Quévédo, the guitar player, has also founded The 3 Cold Men with Alex Twin and Maurizio Bonito. Their music is qualified as "Retro Wave" (sounds like good old Brittanic Cold Wave of the eighties) and they just released their first LP on June. See on their web site for more information and some samples.

April 19, 2004

The new version of Un Automne à Loroy will be released by Prikosnovénie in May!

February 22, 2004

Thanks to Noémie Ventura, 14 new pictures are available! 4 pictures of the concert at Médiathèque in 2002 and 10 pictures of the concert at l'Austrasique.

January 6, 2004

Previous CD'AA LPs will be re-released by Prikosnovénie during this year! Yes, in the same way Villers-aux-Vents (Février 1916) was re-released at autumn 2003, Un Automne à Loroy, Au Val des Roses, Les Marronniers, Cirses des Champs, will be re-edited in a "digipack" sleeve and some extra tracks (remix track, pictures, video... who knows?)

November 24, 2003

4 concerts are already planned for 2004!
See more details in concerts section.

November 15, 2003

Audio samples of Villers-aux-Vents are available here!

September 10, 2003

The new version of Villers-aux-Vents is near to be released by Prikosnovénie! It includes a remix track of Les Cendre-Lisières and 2 live videos.
Official release date: September 29, 2003.

June 28, 2003

The participation of CD'AA to the concert on October the 22nd at Loco in Paris with Qntal, Arcana, etc. is cancelled! Another date would be planned later...

April 11, 2003

CD'AA intends to go to record 5 new titles! Maybe next summer...
Three of these titles were played at the Italian concerts in March.

April 10, 2003

It is confirmed that Villers-aux-Vents will be re-released by Prikosnovénie! It will include 2 live videos and a new version of one of the titles...
It is expected to be released in June...

February 28, 2003

It is rumoured that the cult album Villers-aux-Vents
will be re-released by Prikosnovénie...
Stay tuned!!

February 13, 2003

Collection d'Arnell-Andréa will play live in Nancy, L'Austrasique,
on May the 3rd.
More info in Concerts section.

February 4, 2003

Collection d'Arnell-Andréa will play live in Orléans, L'astrolabe, on March the 15th, in Festival Pari sur Loire.
And don't forget the "Italian tour" on March the 1st, in Prato, an on March the 2nd in Milano.
More info in Concerts section.

February 3, 2003

A least, the Galleries section is opened! Thanks to Noémie Ventura for providing me with a lot of pictures...

November 4, 2002

A new topic Related works was added. It presents works that are not made by the band but are related to Collection d'Arnell-Andréa in some way...
In particular, take a look at the short film Batcave made by Jean-Baptiste Le Cocq who used the music of the band in his film.

October 19, 2002

Collection d'Arnell-Andréa will play live :
- in Orléans, Le Cats, on December the 4th
- in Prato (near Firenze), Siddharta, on March the 1st, 2003, at 10 pm
- in Milano, Transilvania Live, on March the 2nd, 2003.

October 12, 2002

Collection d'Arnell-Andréa will play live (for free!)
       on October the 18th, 5:00 pm
       at FNAC in Orléans (France).
They are expected to play again in Orléans on December the 4th and in Italy on March 2003: in Firenze, the 1st and in Milano, the 2nd.

April 2, 2002

The new LP Tristesse des Mânes is now released!

January 3, 2002

A new LP called Tristesse des Mânes is ready to be released by Prikosnovénie.
It was expected by the end of 2001, but it is delayed until March...

September 28, 2001

Collection d'Arnell-Andréa will play live
on November the 3rd, 10:20 pm
at Le Manège en Chantier in Lorient (France).
[more info in French]

January 15, 2001

Collection d'Arnell-Andréa will play live
on January the 25th, 8:30 pm
at l'Astrolabe in Orléans (France).