Villers-aux-Vents (Février 1916) - Vinyl LP


This vinyl LP is a re-release of Villers-aux-Vents.

"Key album from the band, it contains their melancholic and neoclassic but also the electric fury of their most oriented coldwave/darkwave tracks. « Villers-aux-Vents » takes us to the frontline of WW1 events in the heart of ruins & trenches. « Villers-aux-Vents » stands between pain & tension, on the razor's edge, often considered as Collection D'Arnell-Andrea's masterpiece, it really deserves the vinyl treatment, beautifully mastered by Paul Fiction." (Trinity)

  1. Les Cendre-Lisières  
  2. L'Aulne et la Mort  
  3. Le Chemin des Dames    
  4. Les Hauts de Meuse  
  5. Les Parvis Déserts  
  6. Deaf or Crazy  
  7. Verdun 
  8. Deafening Breath  
  9. Le Ravin des Fontaines  
  10. L'Ornière  

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