Vernes-Monde”, the 9th Album Collection d'Arnell-Andrea is a book … a book / CD with 11 tracks inviting us to continue the imaginative journey began 20 years earlier, in the Grand Meaulnes’s world (Un automne à Loroy).

The texts, mostly written in French, draw their inspiration from the literary melting pot of another century, evoking both a dream populated by fauns Nature faceless and rivers asleep, and the wanderings of Man, forever lost, looking beyond the grave.

Chloe singing (very "Heavenly Voices"), especially bright and touching, accompanies the words, throbbing synthesizers and strings (cello and viola), like the breath of a romantic Autumn incarnate …

… then the acoustic guitars (and rare electric) get lost along the way, and envelop the procession of an endless sadness…

  1. La beauce, l'errance
  2. Au chevet des faunes
  3. The coming of believes     [audio sample 2'53"]
  4. D'autres voix que le vent     [audio sample 1'52"]
  5. The world we leave
  6. Les champs, demain     [audio sample 2'51"]
  7. Dawn again     [audio sample 1'44"]
  8. L'envol
  9. Les sables-mémoire
  10. The wan plain
  11. Vernes-monde

+ 16 pages booklet.