Compilation: Le Regard du Sourd

This 10" Picure disc (yes good old vinyl!) is given with either the ten year full collection of Twice fanzine (for its 10 years birthday) or for a new subscription. The first track is a remix of Tristesse des Mânes by Peter Elliot, Collection d'Arnell~Andréa sound engineer. Limited to 300 copies.

  1. Collection d'Arnell~Andréa - Les Mânes
  2. Rosa Crux - Morituri
  3. Hide & Seek - Dryades
  4. Olen'k - Season of tears
  5. Neon Rain - Twice upon a time
  6. Mary Goes Round - Useless Day
  7. Una ex His - Lastima
  8. Violet Stigmata - The sea