Compilation: La Nuit des fées

  1. Cécile Corbel - Sans faire un bruit
  2. The Moon and the Nightspirit - Alkonyvarazs
  3. Louisa John-Krol - Fai
  4. Mediavolo - Dream of Atlantis
  5. Caprice - The Candle and Snow
  6. Lys - La poursuite
  7. Djaima - Malchanie
  8. Fleur - New black Wings
  9. Karin Hoghirlm - Flowend
  10. Collection d'Arnell-Andréa - Closer to Unicorn
  11. Fairy Sessions: Luigi Rubino (Ashram), Riccardo Prencipe's Corde Oblique, Pinknruby & Mediavolo
    1. Friendship
    2. Fishing Stars
    3. Through the valley of darkness
    4. A shot in the mid-air
    5. Klara
    6. Freeing of spirit

This sampler is presented in a luxury box and comes with a beautiful illustrated Traveller's guide: 24 pages illustrated by Sabine Adelaide with many Illustrators. Each page presents a country, its 'fairy' and a poetic story about this creature.
Artika is the country of Unicorn fairy illustrating the track of Collection d'Arnell-Andréa.

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