Livid Looking Glass #1

sleeve pic

Livid Looking Glass Compilation No. 1 features tracks from 16 dark alternative bands that are featured in Livid Looking Glass Magazine. The track of Collection d'Arnell-Andréa is an exclusive version of The spirits of the dead for this compilation.

  1. Kirlian Camera
  2. Morthem Vlade Art
  3. Empusae
  4. CTRL
  5. Hungry Lucy
  6. Mankind Is Obsolete
  7. Beyond Sensory Experience
  8. Collection d'Arnell-Andrea - The spirits of the dead (Remembering mix)
  9. Sophya
  10. OTX
  11. Louisa John-Krol
  12. Johnny Hollow
  13. Tiger Lillies
  14. The Hungry Ghost
  15. Voiceless
  16. Written In Ashes